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The group research activity is pertaining to the following main themes:

Design and fabrication of fiber laser, photonic crystal fibers (PCF), optical fiber for near infrared (NIR) and medium infrared (MID-IR) applications; modeling of innovative materials and rare earth doped optical devices in optical fiber and planar optics; optical device modeling; optical microresonators; microwave components; design, fabrication and characterization of antennas and microwave devices; design, fabrication and characterization of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) devices. Next objectives: design of accelerating cavities for proton linear accelerators (LINAC); electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic exposure investigation, bio-compatibility

Design and characterization of lithium niobate integrated optical devices

Design and fabrication of ion-exchanged glass waveguides.

Design and fabrication of nonlinear optical devices.

Design and fabrication of lasers and optical amplifiers, in both photonic crystal fibers (PCF) and   planar optics, for near (NIR) and medium (MID-IR) infrared wavelength range; modelling of   innovative optical materials and devices activated by rare earth doping.

Design, fabrication and characterization of optical devices for environmental monitoring and   biomedicine application in fiber and planar.

Photonic band-gap devices

Design, fabrication and characterization of antennas and microwave devices, human exposure   to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic bio-compatibility and dosimetry.


PRIN 2004 - lasting two years - Programs scientific research of national interest (40%) - the title: "Guidelines for the implementation of active ultra-clear glass-ceramic materials for photonics: models for characterization, feasibility of active optical devices" - interuniversity project glass nanocomposites for photonics" (40Keuros) - Scientific Responsible for Politecnico di Bari Francesco Prudenzano.

Italo-French project Galileo 2007 FIU - lasts one year - "Modelling and fabrication of prototypes of innovative optical devices for communication systems, high-performance" (12Keuros) - National Coordinator Francesco Prudenzano.

"Development of technologies in integrated waveguide (SIW) for ICT applications in microwave - PON project" Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013 Convergence Region - Priority I - Code Project: PON01_01224 "- Announcement DD Ministry of Education January 18, 2010, n.01 / Ric: three-year term - proponent: Somacis SpA (Somacis) - Subjects co-proposer: Politecnico di Bari - Department of Electrical and Electronics (DEE) (approximately 1.637 ML euros) - Scientific Responsible for Politecnico di Bari Francesco Prudenzano.

Training project entitled "Formation of new professionals in the field of technology in integrated waveguide (SIW) for ICT applications in microwave" as part of the Research Project Programme R & C 2007-2013 - Convergence Regions Axis I - Support to structural changes Operational Objective: Plot of scientific-technological-generating processes of transformation of the production system and job-creating sectors move - Action II: Interventions in support of industrial research - alert DD n.01 / Ric. of 18/01/2010 - "Development of Technologies in integrated waveguides (SIW) for ICT applications in microwave" - cod. id. PON01_01224/2 - CUP B91C11000240005 (Research) (approximately 173 keuros) Scientific Responsible for Politecnico di Bari Francesco Prudenzano.

"Strengthening of structures and equipment scientific and technological science and technology center Magna Grecia" - National Operational Program project "Research and Competitiveness" (PON "R & C") Notice No. 2007-2013. 254 / Ric. of 18 May 2011 Projects funded under Axis Structural Reinforcement The "Support to structural change" - Operational objective "Strengthening of structures and equipment on scientific and technological research" - Action I "Strengthening structural" DD MIUR of November 11, 2011 n . 957 / Ric. Project Code question PONa3_00298 - (approximately 815 Keuros) - Scientific Responsible for e.m. Fields Section Francesco Prudenzano.

"Advanced systems for minimally invasive diagnosis and radiotherapy" (Advanced Radiotherapy Systems for Mini-Invasive Diagnosis and PON02_00576_3329762 / 1 AMIDERHA (Research) funded under Axis I - Support to structural changes; Operational Objective I.3 1 "Networks for Strengthening the scientific potential - of technological convergence regions "- Action I.3.1:" High Technology Districts and their networks " (approximately 950 Keuros of which 425 Keuros for e.m. Fields Section) - Scientific Responsible for Politecnico di Bari Francesco Prudenzano.


Participation in the project ISCRA Class C (2013) Projects code: HP10CE3CIG, as the referent of the Polytechnic of Bari - Department of Electrical Engineering and Information in cooperation with the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) - REET (Renewable Energies and Environmental Technologies) - Trento the IFN-CNR Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology, Trento - Lab. CSMFO - ITALY, the Autonomous Province of Trento - Department of Knowledge - ITALY.

MIUR PON 2000/2006 plan, Ministerial Decree 11/10/2001-year duration - "New strategies for environmental monitoring and remediation of contaminated groundwater using innovative materials", for the research activities of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics of the Politecnico di Bari. Co-proponents, Politecnico di Bari, Eni R & M - rafta, EniTecnologie, RGA, Politecnico di Bari, CNR IRSA.

FISR, 2003 - two-year term - Project "Optical Sensors and Electronics for Industrial Applications and Environment" line A1.2. - Application for nonlinear optical sensor for monitoring the temperature of the strip of the pantograph of railway vehicles with electric traction.

FIB-LAS-2004.07: Development and application of optical fiber laser. FAR project. Art. 5 D.L. 297/99 - Practice MIUR n. 5910 co-proposers proposers RTM, Quanta System, INFM, Politecnico di Bari-DEE, Laser Center Patents.

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